What Material Do we Forge?2020-01-30T01:19:46+05:00

We forge carbon and alloy steel. Capability exists to forge stainless steel and aluminum also.

Do We Have a Size Limit?2020-01-30T01:31:39+05:00

Yes. We can forge components with maximum input weight of 25 kilograms and maximum diameter of 350mm.

Why Do We Use Forging Process Instead of Hammers?2020-01-30T01:32:35+05:00

Press forging can deform the billets to the required dimensions with just one stroke, whereas hammers use multiple strokes. Press forging is more economical and allows closer tolerences. It also improves quality by improving grain flow and reduced oxidization on the outer layer of the part and reduced level of microcracking in the finished part.

Why Do We Use Induction Heaters to Heat Billets?2020-01-30T01:33:28+05:00

Induction heaters provide a uniform temperature, resulting in homogeneous grain structure throughout the production run.

Why Do We Have An In-House Maintenance Shop?2020-01-30T01:35:26+05:00

Inhouse maintenance of machines is our strength. A team of professionals, qualified and trained in various disciplines, meets all our mechanical and electrical maintenance requirements. In addition, we keep spare parts of all major machines for replacement when needed. Our response time for preventive and break down maintenance is quick. As a result, production time losses are always minimal.

How Do We Ensure Traceability?2020-01-30T01:36:13+05:00

We move all inventory in properly tagged bins. Every forging die contains a reference to relevant heat number, which is embossed on every forging.

How Do We Deliver On Time Everytime?2020-01-30T01:36:45+05:00

Timing of delivery is everything. Goods received too early add to your storage cost and late receipt of goods can cause line losses. We ensure delivery within one week of the of our customer’s target date by advance production planning, selection of right sea vessels / routes and partnering with expert logistics service providers.

How Does Our System Grow?2020-01-30T01:39:15+05:00

Consistent quality and timely delivery always work wonders. Our new business usually from the following sources:

New RFQs from our customers for whom we are the suppliers of first choice

New RFQs from potential customers referred to by our existing customers

Potential customers visiting our stalls at various trade fairs at Messe Hanover, Agritechnica Hanover, etc.

Visitors to our website

What Happens When A Customer Raises A Complaint?2020-01-30T01:44:40+05:00

We are not in the business of supplying faulty goods. However, if ever there is a complaint, we listen carefully, understand the problem, raise corrective action and even recall the goods if necessary.

What is Our Lead Time For Developing A Sample?2020-01-30T01:45:31+05:00

6-8 weeks from the date of receipt of the confirmed order

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